Support the launch of a EU level task-force dedicated to inclusion and accessibility

Support the creation of a coordinated task force at EU level dedicated to inclusion and accessibility. The task force could be hosted on the existing ETM Forum where mobility and goods delivery service providers and local authorities can find both offline and online resources to increase accessibility and inclusivity of all mobility services (such as the web-based INDIMO Toolkit).

The task force can provide repositories where to learn how to develop targeted step-by-step processes and download checklists to solve accessibility issues. The same platform can be the access point to dedicated trainings, to other existing communities of vulnerable-to-exclusion users or their representatives. Thanks to networking features included in the platform all stakeholders should find opportunities for cooperation with digital service providers and software developers.

The task force can support the inclusion of Universal Design as an overarching topic in the next EU transport strategy and prepare an EU Directive on the application of UD in the planning, design and operation of digital mobility services.

The platform should be open for access to individuals who are available to be contacted (and contracted) for user-testing, other entities or bodies who can offer accessibility and inclusivity consultancy services and public or private institutions working on inclusion from different perspectives.

These actions can increase the visibility of Universal Design and its related tools and raise awareness of best practice examples through advocacy organizations, the European Transport and Mobility Forum and EU events.