Ensure internal consistency of visual icons

As for all other digital contents of any user interface, internal consistency in the use of icons is important to support comprehension and avoid users get confused while trying to interpret how to operate with it:

  • Every function, object, action or interaction, if provided with an icon, should be represented univocally (e.g. clock icon used both for opening hours and expected time of arrival/deliverable).
  • All icons should come with a text label, always. Literature confirms that comprehension rates of icons increased consistently if combined with labels. If you think they are too invasive, an option could be offering users’ the possibility to activate or deactivate them.
  • Care for uniformed icons and spatial organization of relevant information (e.g., working hours, direct contact channels, etc.).
  • Every payment method should have a specific icon, i.e. for credit card, PayPal-type electronic payment, cash payment, vouchers, etc.).