Implement technical accessibility through full compliance with data protection and privacy regulations, paying attention to inclusivity

A full and easy access to your Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and Personal Data Treatment information should be provided to all users, especially vulnerable-to-exclusion users, mitigating readability issues. Inclusivity can be increased by:

  • Avoiding collecting unnecessary data from users and always asking for their permission before accessing features or information on their devices (e.g. camera, microphone, contact details, biometric data…);
  • Periodically reviewing the actual data collection procedures and developing an automated procedure to remove unnecessary/expired data;
  • Collecting as little personal data as possible and provide the same level of service and comprehensibility of your data treatment to all users, including impaired ones;
  • Ensuring personal data is always available for users to edit, posing no time-limits and no risk of data loss during compilation;
  • Providing higher control on data and support to users, for example offering direct link to organisations that users can call anonymously to receive help (trusted referees);
  • Developing the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use also in a version with easy-to-read contents, offering when possible visual explanations and simplified navigation across sections and text blocks;
  • Developing alternative versions of the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use in multimedia formats (short videos or animations, sign-language or audio-recordings) summarising the main points;
  • Splitting all data treatment contents in smaller information “pieces”, in order to be able to easily update when needed.