Increase safety and security perception through human contact

Service personnel, especially those involved as drivers and or riders, should care about the users’ need of feeling safe and secure, and of the importance of a positive direct human contact.

  • Service providers should establish and communicate a Covid-19 clearing protocol and actions to prevent infection
  • Service providers should consider hiring personnel with impairments as contact persons
  • Service personnel should take good care of good manners and wear a clearly distinguishable outfit (e.g. introduce themselves and ensure their appearance is consistent with the company identity, if any)
  • Driver profile and her/his unique identification data shall be clearly displayed in the application but also onboard/on the driver’s badge
  • Add a photo of the rider/driver that will serve the user for better identification
  • Ensure users can have a direct contact with the driver/delivery person in an anonymous way, whose information is also anonymised
  • Offer users the possibility to know the gender of the driver/rider through the App
  • Users shall be notified before driver/rider arrival
  • Include map visualization with the real time position of driver/rider (important for ride-sharing / ride-hailing and delivery) using different icons to identify it (e.g., the pin that indicates the real-time location of the driver/rider, different pin-point icons to indicate the place of origin and destination; driver’s route visible with a dotted line).
  • When finalising their order, ask users if they prefer to use an intercom or whether the driver should announce arrival via phone call.
  • Give users the possibility to leave comments and rate a driver/rider
  • Include an emergency button in case of physical/ sexual attack / Create help button.